DC 3800 Stationary

The DC 3800 Stationary package is intended for installations in (for example) industrial premises, garage workshops and schools. The dust-separator and turbo pump are mounted on a common chassis.  

The DC 3800 Stationary package has flow capacity for one work place at a time, for example a 6" cup stone or cleaning with 38 mm attachments. The filter is cleaned manually with a patented reverse pulse mechanism. The unit can be equipped with a vacuum relief valve to allow cooling air to the pump if all outlets are closed. The package is complete with tubing in three metre lengths, bends, branch pipes and connection joints.  

Installation is simple and the tubing system is easily adaptable to most sites. Starting and stopping of the central unit occurs automatically. Starting occurs when any of the outlets are opened. The central unit will shut down when all the outlets are closed.