Control Systems

Motor starters and System Control Panels control the operation of the system, both operation of the vacuum producers and cleaning of the filter. A variety of other control functions can be installed as required. Even with a rather basic control system, intelligent features can be included to clear coarse material in the main tubing runs or control vacuum production and therefore energy consumption according to actual requirements.

The control system is used for the starting and stopping of the vacuum producer, turbo pump or high pressure fan. They also control filter cleaning and give condition indications. In the system control cabinets, additional functions can be built in by selecting options.

All Control systems must be installed by a certified electrician. The control panels conform to electrical protection class IP 54 (IC529). Manufacturing standards conform to EN 60204 (IEC204-1), VDE0113A2/381, DIN 57113A2. Main fuses and working disconnects are not included in the control cabinets.

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