DC Green System

Dustcontrol´s unique DC Green System is a system for the control of vacuum producers that helps to save energy. The DC Green System together with our vacuum producers (radial blowers and turbo pumps), can potentially offer you an energy saving with existing or new Dustcontrol vacuum producers of between 40 and 90 percent.

Depending on the number of open outlets, the RPM of the vacuum producer is optimized by the DC Green System, generating just as much vacuum as needed. By using a sophisticated on-demand control with a frequency converter, the maximum performance is also increased compared to a normal system. When no outlets are open the vacuum producer automatically switches to a saving mode. This eliminates the need for electrical microswitches at each work station.

Depending on individual cases and the current market price of electricity; payback time for the purchase of the DC Green System is generally between 1-5 years. In summary, lower energy consumption contributes to economic savings, less environmental impact and an increased life span of the equipment.


Brochure DC Green System (PDF: 1397kB)