Picture: Dustcontrol's first dust extractor.

Dustcontrols första stoftavskiljare

Dustcontrol has for 40 years strived towards providing our customers in different industries with a cleaner and healthier production environment and an increased product quality.
Dustcontrol manufactures and markets products incorporating leading edge technology which target improvements in production processes and environments. Our products provide our customers with the tools required to establish a clean workplace and an undisrupted production. Our high quality products offer the most value available on the market today. Dustcontrol  is an innovative company that invests heavily in technical development while simultaneously building up a high level of in-house technical and human competence. Dustcontrol is well known for the high quality and operational reliability of its products as well as our ability to offer custom tailored solutions.  

Our mission is to continue to manufacture and sell the best extraction systems available on the market, and to provide our customers with the most effective service to meet their needs. Dustcontrol is represented in over 20 countries and we have an estimated 3,500 installed systems worldwide in addition to the tens of thousands of portable dust extractors and air cleaners. Sales are continuing to grow steadily as more and more markets recognize the need of a good, clean working and production environment for profitable operations.

Dustcontrol is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and we have the highest AAA credit worthiness rating since several years.