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The New DC Storm

The New DC Storm: easy to use dust extractor

The New DC Storm

· H-classified. Approved for use with hazardous dust

· Equipped with HEPA H13 filter

· Upright transport in regular/sized vans and trailers

· Connects to floor grinders, cutting tools, chisel hammers or saws

· Powerful, high-capacity dust extraction

· Robust design for tough conditions and long working life



Compact & lightweight design 

Building on the same well-proven principles as Dustcontrol's powerful DC 5900 extractors, our new direct-drive, three-phase dust extractor now adds one more key worker benefit: a compact, lightweight design for quick and easy transport in regular sized vans and trailers. This helps work start on time and avoids costly delays.

Different models are available. All feature a direct driven, three-phase turbo pump suitable for continuous operation, heavy material transport, spot extraction and vacuum cleaning. The pump also provides sufficient airflow for simultaneous multiple use, e.g. as a central unit in a semi-mobile system. A sturdy steel chassis maximizes durability.

Three basic models are available: bag ( c ), container (a) and longopac (L) containers, each powered by 10 hp motor.


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