Mobile Dust Extractors

How to choose the right machine?

Every job is different. Do you know how to choose the correct dust control equipment to work in conjunction with your power tools?

Dustcontrol provides a wide range of specialist dust extraction vacuums, air cleaners, on-tool suction casings, pre-separators and cleaning accessories for virtually every construction application imaginable. 

How to choose the right machine?


Two things determine the most suitable dust extractor required for a given application:

First, the size of the suction casing/nozzle, combined with the type of operation, determines the required airflow. In turn this influences the choice of a suitable dust extractor, taking into account the filter area and the dimension of the inlet.

Second, the longer the hose and tubing runs, the greater the pressure drop in the system will be. Greater pressure generation is required from the dust extractor when handling large quantities of material (heavy cleaning, suction lance etc.


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