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NEW! DC Tromb 600 Longopac

NEW! DC Tromb 600 Longopac

Efficient, powerful, ergonomic, and flexible!

The DC Tromb 600 L meets modern safety requirements and works with modern, efficient tools that produce more dust than before. It is suitable for all types of fine dust, such as concrete (silica), plaster, wood, and filler dust. The maximum airflow is 353 cfm - more than enough for equipment like large floor grinders and large electric cut-off saws.

• Tall cyclone & sturdy chassis
• Easier filter change procedure
• Equipped as standard with washable polyester filter and a HEPA H13 filter that complies with OSHA regulations
• Hour counter
• Locking ring for pre-filter
• Flexible cylinder head for HEPA H13 filter facilitates service and maintenance

A filter monitor shows the user when it's time to clean the filter. Filter cleaning can be done automatically during operation or once completed.

The vacuum is easy to transport around construction sites and lift into tight spaces. The wheels are puncture-proof and won't leave marks on the floor. In addition, the front wheels are lockable for working on uneven ground.


For more information visit the product page https://dustcontrol.us/product/365-dc-tromb-600-l.html 

or contact our team 910-395 1808 / sales@dustcontrolusa.com

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NEW! DC Tromb 600 Longopac