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115 V, 1340 W, US 120015
115 V, 1200W, CAN 120007

The DC 2900 is our most popular dust extractor. It is suitable for vacuum cleaning and source extraction from handheld power tools (with up to 5” suction casings) and small table saws.

The DC 2900 has a sturdy steel chassis with big wheels, but is still lightweight and portable. The DC 2900 can be ordered with a plastic bag (DC 2900c) or with a steel container
(DC 2900H a). Collection in a steel container makes the DC 2900H a ideal for use with sharp items such as metal chips.

The DC 2900c Antistatic is delivered with the following hose set:

Antistatic hose set  Ø 1.5”/38 mm x 15’/5m (Part No 2012+2108+2114)

The DC 2900c is delivered with the following:

  • Suction hose (Ø 38) 5 m (Part No 2105)
  • Aluminium floor tool  B 370 Ø1.5” /38mm (Part No 7235) 
  • Chrome steel suction pipe Ø 1.5”/38 mm (Part No 7257)
  • intellibag(Part No 42702, 10 pcs bags)
  • Fine filter, cellulose (Part No 42029)
  • HEPA filter (Part No 42027)
Weight, lbs/kg 35/16
Max Q, cfm/m3/h 126//215/205
Max vacuum, inwg/kPa 115/230 V 84/21/24
Power consumption,115/230 V 1340/1285 W
Sound level 115/230 V 68 dB(A)