DC 11-Module XL

Complete Central Unit for Source Extraction and Industrial Cleaning

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DC 11-Module XL 20 hp, with sack 152100
DC 11-Module XL 20 hp, with 40 lit container 152200
DC 11-Module XL 25 hP, with 40 lit container 154100
DC 11-Module XL 25 hP, with 40 lit container 154200

The DC 11-Module XL is a complete central unit for source extraction and industrial cleaning. The unit can manage just about every kind of dust and chip you can imagine, even coolants and emulsions when equipped with a preseparator. The XL-model can handle more extraction points at a time than the standard model.

We also recommend our customers to equip the DC 11-Module XL with our unique energy saving DC Green System. Depending on the number of open outlets, the RPM of the vacuum provider is optimized, generating just as much vacuum as you need. By using sophisticated on-demand control with a frequency converter, the maximum performance is also increased compared to a normal system. Due to this the DC Green System can give you potentially energy savings from 40% up to 90%.

To show our commitment for sustainability, we have now reduced the pricing of all DC Green Systems to lower the initial investment and enable more of our users to benefit from lower energy costs and reduced carbon footprint.


For more information how to choose the right model, please, contact our customer service.

  15 kW 18,5 kW 20 hP 25 hP
Motor 50 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
RPM 4000 4300 4000 4300
Inlet/Outlet Ø108/108  Ø108/108 Ø108/108 Ø108/108
Max dp 26 kPa*  28 kPa* 26 kPa
28 kPa
Nominal pressure 20 kPa 20 kPa 20 kPa 20 kPa
Max Q 1000 m3/h 1000 m3/h 1000 m3/h 1000 m3/h
Sound level 1 m 66 dB(A)   66 dB(A)  66 dB(A)  66 dB(A) 

*DC GreenSystem max 22 kPa.