DC 3800H Turbo EX

TCertificate of the DC 3800 Turbo EXhe dust extractor for continous operation in ATEX zone 22. Conductive dust IP65. 






Mobile unit

The DC 3800H Turbo EX for ATEX zone 22 is a medium sized dust extractor with a high cyclone and a three-phase turbo motor. Thanks to the high cyclone, big filters and powerful motor package, it can handle large amounts of particles. Since it is equipped with a powerful three-phase turbo pump it is suitable for long hoses (up to 20 metres) and heavy cleaning (38mm accessories). It is available certified to IP65 standard, ATEX zone 22 (conductive dust).


The DC 3800H Turbo EX is delivered as standard with the following:

  • Suction hose Ø 38 (2m) Ø 50 (5 m) (Part No 2027, 2028)
  • Floor nozzle (Part No 7236E)
  • Suction pipe Ø 50 (Part No 7257)
  • Fine filter, polyester (Part No 42398)
  • HEPA filter, polyester (Part No 42024)
  • Plastic bag (5st) (Part no 42384)


HxWxL [mm/in] 1400x600x970 / 56x24x38,8
Weight [kg/lb] 70/154,3
Inlet [mm/in] Ø50/2
Hose length Ø50 [m/ft] 5-20/16-65,6
Collecting container [l/gal] 40/10,6
Flow max [m3/h] (EU) 260
Flow max [cfm] (UK/USA/CAN) 153
Neg. pressure max [kPa] (EU) 28
Neg. pressure max [inwg] (UK/USA/CAN) 112,4
Power [W 2,2
Fine filter, polyester, area [m2 / ft2] 1,8/19,4
Efficiency fine filter, EN 60335-2-69, Class M [%] 99,9
Filter area, microfilter [m2 / ft2] 1,5/16,14
Efficiency fine filter, EN 60335-2-69, Class H [%] 99,995
Filter classification, EN 18221 HEPA H13
Sound Level [dB(A)] 70

Antistatic hose

Cleaning Accessories Ø 38 mm

Filter DC 3900