RAF 2502

Dustcontrol's radial blowers RAF 2502

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460 USA/CAN, 60 Hz, 40 hp 112304
600 CAN, 60 Hz, 40 hp 112306

The RAF 2502 is applied in extraction systems requiring large air-flows such as systems for fume extraction. RAF 2502 work with two parallel impellers. The unit is equipped with vibration isolation and a silenced enclosure. The unit should always be equipped with an exhaust silencer (inlet also if required). The unit is direct driven and has minimal service requirements (lubrication interval 10000 hours).

Pump RPM for 50Hz/60Hz rpm  3000/3600 
Weight ca  kg  430 
Max dp kPa  9.4 
Max Q m3/h  6200 
Sound Level* dB(A) 74 
Inlet/Outlet mm  2x200/2x160 


* with exhaust silencer, 1 m