DC-11 Module

The DC 11-Module is a complete central unit for source extraction and industrial cleaning. The unit can manage just about every kind of dust and chip you can imagine and, when properly equipped, your coolants and emulsions too. With the DC 11-Module, we deliver a complete central unit from the factory, plug and play – easy to install. We tailor it exactly to your specific needs. This is possible due to an options based selection process. The DC 11-Module has been designed to produce more capacity and service up to six normal extraction points or several cleaning outlets at a time.

Need a HEPA filter? – Just select it as an optional extra. The discharge system can be chosen in accordance with the material to be handled, making it easy for your people to maintain their equipment. The DC 11-Module is also suitable for source extraction and general cleaning in smaller production areas. Note that the unit can connect to many extraction points, as long as the number of users does not exceed the maximum capacity.

For energy saving and reliable remote activation of operation, the DC 11-Module is also available with the DC Green System.

Optimised Stand-Alone Unit

The design of a source extraction system is always based on the specific need at each work place. It is then possible to design and install a central unit for several, or many, extraction points. Alternatively, maybe a stand-alone unit for a particular area is the best choice.

The advantage with stand-alone solutions is that you attain cleaner production one step at a time – as production requires it and as budget allows it. The DC 11-Module becomes part of the work cell or production machine and can be part of the flexibility of modern lean manufacturing and fast change-overs from part to part.

The DC 11-Module is developed to fulfil the demands of a local solution.

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