Tubing and Components

Steel Tubing

Our standard tubing system is of zinc coated carbon steel tubing and is used at 90 % of all Dustcontrol installations. Heavy wall thickness results in long life even in installations where considerable abrasion is present.

Stainless Steel Tubing

Stainless tubing is used with abrasive materials or because of hygienic considerations. When installed for material transportation, long radius bends should be used.

Reinforced Spiro Tubing

Spiro tubing is used most commonly for the connection of the central unit components, vacuum producer, filter unit and pre-separator. Spiro is not generally suitable for application with coarse and abrasive material but is commonly used in extraction systems for vapour, fume and light dust.

Mounting Hardware

Dustcontrol has a complete range of mounting hardware facilitating straightforward installation as well as changes.

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