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Nothing lasts forever, especially during frequent use, without maintenance and service. Therefore, Dustcontrol offers not only emergency service, but also other service levels to prevent and limit any downtime of systems.

Service Contract

By taking a service contract with Dustcontrol you “take the temperature” of your system and prevent unnecessary downtime or expensive repair costs. Inspection, lubrication and adjustment of the unit are all included in the fixed price. You get an inspection report showing the condition of your system and the possibility to extend the warranty – and an emergency service.

  • Extend service life
  • Priority in service
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Safer use
  • Minimize risk of downtime
  • Annual service visits

Maintenance service

You can order a maintenance service as required and choose a time that suits you. We overhaul and exchange or repair consumable parts and other components within your system. You get an inspection report and the work is charged to your account.

Emergency service

We also offer emergency service in emergency cases.

Your system has stopped. You have an emergency problem that needs to be investigated. Please contact our customer service.

Customer Service
Phone: 910-395-1808

Service Mobile Machines

Repair of mobile machines

If any errors occur on your machine, please contact our customer service. Dustcontrol does not accept returns without agreement.


Office: 910-395-1808
Fax: 910-395-2110

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