Standards and Certifications

Dustcontrol’s products reduce emissions of coarse dust, fine dust, liquids and other dangerous particles. Our slogan Technology for Healthy Business is an approach that permeates our entire business. For us at Dustcontrol, this means: economy, effective solutions, physical health and a safe working environment.

We use the platform EcoVadis to evaluate our sustainability work. Every year, EcoVadis’ experts analyze the documents that we share from our management system and based on that we get a ranking but also suggestions for future measures.

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Dustcontrol’s strategies are inspired by some of the UN’s 17 global goals.

Dustcontrol is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 with an integrated quality and environmental management system. This includes process management, identification of environmental impact, compliance with regulations and training of our employees on the subject. We closely follow the EU directives Reach and RoHS to minimize our chemical use. With the help of Lean Production, we continuously evaluate our processes and make sure to improve our overall efficiency.

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Dustcontrol Inc., Wilmington, NC