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The DC Box is a especially designed dust extraction cabinet that protects against hazardous dust during decontamination and cleaning before servicing or repairing machines and tools. The DC Box is equipped with a blow gun and a suction hose for vacuum cleaning. Larger particles and debris fall down into a plastic bag attached to the bottom of the cabinet. The DC Box is easy to work with. Tools and machines are placed onto the rotating worktable and slid in through the side door. These are then cleaned either by vacuuming or using compressed air. The fine dust is vacuumed up and transported away via a tubing system to a complete central unit located either in or outdoors. The size of the central unit and dimensioning of the tubing system is tailored to the needs of the customer. The system can be expanded so that it can also be used as a central extraction system with connections that areeasily accessible across the entire worksite.

Compact, Standard or Custom?

  • The DC Box is available in three versions: Compact, Standardand Custom. The DC Box Compact uses the DC AirCube 500 air cleaner as its vacuum source and it is easy to use in cramped premises where there is no room for tubing and a central dust extractor.
  • The DC Box Standard is the ideal solution for most users. Equipped with a pre-separator and DC 11-Module 11 kW p/15 hp central unit.
  • If you want to be able to roll taller equipmentdirectly into the cabinet for decontamination, then the DC Box Custom is the solution for you. DC Box Custom is customised after your requirements

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