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Clean houses: Dust free and secure living environment!

Arne Jörgensen used Dustcontrol’s semi-mobile system for changing the plumbing and reconditioning of bathrooms and kitchens in a large number of flats in Bandhagen owned by Familjebostäder.

Fibreglass has many unique qualities and is used in an increasing number of industries such as automotive, marine, aviation and wind turbine. The increased use of fibreglass has resulted in problems for personnel as well as production itself.

To solve those problems at Bandhagen, Dustcontrol’s semi-mobile dust collector system was deployed to further reduce the environmental impact. This system can be used directly on-tool throughout the processes of floor breaking and floor grinding but also for general vacuum cleaning. Dustcontrol’s AirCube air cleaner is used at the same time to complement the on-tool dust extraction. During the entire refurbishment period, the tenants can stay in a dust free environment. The clean up process is easier and quicker and the real estate company therefore, saves money.

The DC 5900a PTFE 9.2 kW P can be used as the vacuum producer and located in a convenient position out of the way, such as in the basement. A hose is taken from the vacuum producer, up through the stairwell. On each floor there is a connection point to plug in the hose for vacuuming, from the floor grinding machine or descaling hammer.

On the descaling hammer you can use Dustcontrol’s rubberised suction casing. A vacuum relief valve is used to allow air into the system when all working points are closed. The dust can be collected directly at the operation and is conveyed by the hose system to the central dust extractor. The smallest and most dangerous dust particles will be collected in the filter system of the central dust extractor.


Dustcontrol DC5900 A 9,2kW P 400V 50HZ YD Start 119305

  • DC 5900 9.2 kW (different models are available, please contact our salesmen)
  • DCF Storm Pre-Separator (70701)
  • DC AirCube 2000 Air Cleaner (102000)
  • Hose and Hose Connection Package (2024 + 3353)
  • Start Box (8178)
  • Suction Casings (different models are available, please contact our salesman)



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