Pan Milagros

Pan Milagros is a bakery company that produces molded French, among other things. The company produces several thousand loaves a day and on all of them the edges must be cut off – there will be large amounts of bread leftovers to transport!

The company has four product lines where the bread edges are cut off, ground into smaller pieces and then discharged into a stainless steel funnel by Dustcontrol. From the funnel, the bread remains are transported in stainless steel pipes to the pre-separator. There, most of the material is discharged from the pre-separator via Dustcontrol’s peristaltic airlock into a container.

Pan Milagros has a central suction system consisting of:

  • a stainless steel tubing system
  • stainless steel funnels
  • an epoxy-painted turbo pump TPR 50
  • an epoxy-painted filter unit S 34000
  • an epoxy-painted pre-separator F20000


Dustcontrol Customer Case Pan Milagros Spain Central Vacuum System 1000x667

  • Stainless steel tubing system
  • Stainless steel funnels
  • Epoxy-painted turbo pump TPR 50
  • Epoxy-painted filter unit S 34000
  • Epoxy-painted pre-separator F20000


Pan Milagros, Spain

Dustcontrol Inc., Wilmington, NC